Energy Saving

Some of the topics we cover include

Carrying less weight

Turning off the engine

The importance of keeping tyres inflated

Driving smoothly

Stepping off the accelerator

Shifting up gears early

Avoiding excessive speed

Using air conditioning

Forward planning - keeping the vehicle moving

Block changing


The smarter driver training course could save the average UK driver between £250 - £300 each year. The training is subsidised by the Government through the Energy Savings Trust so your company has a lot to gain from a very small outlay.


Each training session lasts 50 minutes; during the day up to eight drivers are taken out on a one-to-one basis. The trainee completes two identical laps; during the session on both laps the MPG and average speed are recorded. The first lap the trainee drives as normal and during the final lap the trainee is taken through the tips to help gain more MPG out of the tank. The sessions are done in a relaxed environment and coaching is used rather than instruction (after all everyone has a driving licence).


The training is carried out at your place of work or wherever is most convienient for your employees. The running of the day can be arranged to suit your working day, with various start and finish times.


A PDF certificate will be produced for the driver showing their annual mileage and current car as well the improvement that has been made on the day. We will also send a copy of all the drivers’ results to the Fleet Manager along with the carbon dioxide savings.


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Energy Saving Trust - EcoWill Training


We work closely with the Energy Saving Trust to help reduce fuel costs as well reducing CO2 emissions , Every gallon of fuel used releases about 12kg of CO2 (carbon dioxide). We will also reduce wear and tear on your company’s fleet vehicle which in turn will reduce your costs.