Futurequals Ambulance Instruction



Ambulance Driving Instructor


Futurequals Ambulance Blue Light driving instructor working with NHS and Private Ambulance companies helping students achieve the Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Ambulance Driving






Antony is a Futurequals Ambulance Blue Light Driving Tutor delivering 4 week training courses approved by DTAG to take students from many varied backgrounds up to the standard required to gain the qualification and most importantly keep themselves and the public safe whilst responding to emergencies under Blue Light conditions.


Antony has a working background in delivering courses for NHS Trusts including Yorkshire Ambulance Service, South West Ambulance Service, North East Ambulance Service, East Midlands Ambulance Service, North West Ambulance Service, East of England and West Midlands Ambulance Service. Also working for Thames Ambulance and British Red Cross (Course Director). The course director role involves making sure that the syllabus is carried out all the exams are carried out under the conditions required, as well as delivering presentations on various driving subjects.


Antony is available to deliver courses on behalf of your company but is not a Futurequals registered centre.